Sketchup Import. Blender 2.8+

Hi there.
I will likely be teaching blender in an Academy.
We will be modeling architecture in Sketchup, then rendering in Blender.
However, I don’t want my students to download blender 2.7 just to import sketchup models, as I know for sure that one has a working importer.

What is currently the best, most painless, way to import .skp files to blender 2.8, 2.9…?

quick search on the forum:

You can use the working SketchUp Importer Add-On for Blender 2.93 and below down to B 2.80 here by Martijn Berger, mod by Red Halo Studio here

The importer is not showing up in add ons. I have the news blander and importer. I followed the steps in a youtube video.