Sketchup to Blender wireframe


Im having some trouble when importing a model ive made in sketchup into blender.
the model ive made in sketchup is purely edges but when i export it as a 3ds file and then import it into blender 2.65a it seems to automatically turn all my lines into 2d faces.

The reason i only want the lines is because i want to use the wireframe function to give each of these lines a tube like appearance. and import them back into sketchup for architectural modeling.

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If you want to remove just faces seelct them all and X / delete only faces

hi there. sorry but its not just a question of removing the faces.

as you can see from these two images i have the lines in sketchup as just lines, no faces, and they are just single lines. when i export it into blender it gives the lines faces (in this case it looks like on the x axis). for the purposes of my project im trying to just have blender have the lines.