Skiing through powder

Hello all from Utah and the greatest snow on earth, although we haven’t had much lately.

Anyone who has ever been skiing/snowboarding here knows the exhilaration of skiing through deep powder. If you don’t know what I mean, then I pity you.

How do I convey this most exquisite of joys through blender? I’ve read a few posts about different techniques for leaving tracks in snow and such, but they don’t quite cut it. I’m thinking of either particles or fluid with an object half buried in snow (a rectangular board for now), flying down a hill and spraying up the white stuff on every turn.

I haven’t even tried anything yet, just trying to get some brain storming going. I’ll make a new year resolution to actually start following-up on my posts, so expect to see more as I try to figure this out.

Sounds like a cool idea, I hope you get it done.

Make a plane as a particle emitter, place it at the back of each ski then parent them to the ski.

Then just use one of the many methods for creating tracks. I agree though, none of them seem idea.