Skin doesn't show up when render!?!?

I’m new to skinning and so, but tis is how I did it:

I went into the Uv/Image editor in one window , and 3d view in the other. I’m making a space ship, so for the front window for example, I selected all faces wich belong to that window. Then in Uv editor I clicked open and choosed a window texture, I also clicked U - > LSCM to make the whole windows to the texture.

I used this technique to skin my whole ship with different parts and so, maybe 12 .jpg files for the different parts.

When I click object mode, ans choose textured it shows fine, but when I click render the ship is all white/grey… Why?

Here’s dome pictures:

You can also see something happend to my blender:render, it soo small :o

Ok, It’s just me being dizzy… I had my mistake applied a material over my uv mapping :o

But I still have the problem my window is pretty small, and I can’t get it back.

I also got another question on my mind, my friend tried to create a runtime, but for me to be able to play it, he had to send me all jpg textures seperate, how cna he fix that?

AFAIK: File -> Pack Data

thx :slight_smile: