skin program

ok, i did a model of my face, and now i am attempting to put a skin on it using a uv layout. I have the trial of photoshop, but it does not work. It freezes every time when i try to open it and it wont close. I had the gimp, but it stopped working so i re-downloaded it and it never worked since, can anyone help me find a program i can use to make my skin.

if you run linux, cinepaint perhaps? I don’t know if there is a windows version already… but I think you really have to check if you’r PC is in good condition…:slight_smile:

i need a new computor actualy. Ive been asking for one for a while, cause mines realy crappy. It takes a couple minuites to render like 4 wine glasses and a wine bottle.

The computor i want to build is like $1700. Ive been looking to start using maya a bit (ple) but my computor freezes when it opens, and it is telling me i need a new graphics card as well.

ima get myself a external hard drive, compleetly wipe my hard drive, restore everything, and then see if that helps.

i have windows so il look at that program. maby i can use it.

EDIT: yes it works for windows, and i just got it running. Thanks a lot

A small, free, and useful windoze program is Pixia:


Try Artweaver, Looks like Painter, very good for making organic textures

thank you verry much softwork, the artweaver program also works, so now i have a choice of sinepaint or artweaver.

I would like to get pixia, and see what it can do. If i could compare them it would be great. Now, i went to the link, and it had advertisements for the newly released english version, however there was no link to download from. . . I couldent figure out where to go from the home page, If you could tell me it would be great.

EDIT: i know it will work, because i got the french version, and it works. Now i can make out enough to download and install, but a lot of it is jibberish.

and the HelpFile

here’s the download page as there are stacks of nifty addons


thank you very much, now that i can read it i can make my decesion. I havnt had a lot of time though. Ive been sailing and working and sailing some more :). Yay sailing, boo work.