Skinlab webgl like skin modifier

hello blender user here is a nice modeling application like skin modifier to play with

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This tool is really nice to make base meshes but i still prefer skin modifier but this is really fun…:yes:

reminds me about meta balls many years ago to build basic meshes and then meld the meta balls together.

Currently in Blender there are two techniques to blocking shapes, a) metaballs and b) skin modifier. The problem with these two techniques is a) that when you work in orthogonal axis-es you are ok but when you go diagonal then your surfaces have lots of jiterring, then in b) is that you are very limited in designing because when the vertices get too close then you get weird results.

The solution is to use only skin modifier but avoid going all the way with it, you could work your model in different regions and then finally with some manual work join all of them together.

I wish though that this tool could come to Blender as well because is the ideal way to blocking sculpt shapes. Imagine how cool would be to convert an armature with envelopes to an awesome mesh, right? :slight_smile:

More than two. Don’t forget basic box modeling and extruding shapes. Also, I oftentimes use simple cylinders and spheres and then use the sculpting tools to put them into the shapes I want. Then, I boolean them together and go crazy in dynamic sculpting.

And Skimlab’s logo looks an awful lot like Zbrush.

well those two tools were great before we had zbrush and now Blender can do zBrush like sculpting as well.