Skinning a rigify rig on separated model

Hi, I’m having a small problem with the rigify skinning on this 2 piece model that I have. Basically the upper and lower parts of this model need to be separated, but when applying the weights to the rigify rig, there’s a separation between the two parts and it can be really annoying when trying to pose and animate. I’d love to have it so the body bends like a typical body would (without the separation). I’ve attached some images showing what I mean. If anybody can help with this, it would be very much helpful, and if anybody needs the .blend file, I can be more than happy to provide.


The weight painting just needs to be a bit better. There is no way around that.

I prefer to create a “nude” full body mesh to start the rigging process. The “nude” mesh is weighted and then the weights are copied to any clothing meshes that are needed. It’s a great time saver. Another advantage of this method is, it allows me to create the clothing mesh from the main body mesh. This helps keep the topology lined up better for weight transfer. (Often no transfer is needed because the mesh is duplicated form the main mesh which is already weight painted.)

I have a few tutorials on weighting and creating clothing.

Weight painting:


Different topology between mesh objects will be far more difficult to weight paint. (But not impossible.)

Good luck!

Okay, thanks a lot for your help. I’ll give these videos a shot!