Skinning Curves

Blender is a great program for what it is but the documentation isn’t always as clear as it could be.

I hadn’t tried to skin a surface before and when I tried these instructions in the 2.6 wiki I just couldn’t get it working and I was gong to ask about it here when I discovered what the problem was. The wiki tutorial doesn’t seem to mention that you need to join the curves into one object before using F.

So , in case anyone else spends half an hour faffing about wondering how to get it working here are some notes from me on how to do this skinning of curves. I hope this is helpful to someone as I found the Wiki less than clear.
Wiki - Tutorial
The tutorial in the Blender Wiki leaves out a key step ( unless I missed it!)

  1. In Object Mode - Add a nurbs curve ( or circle)
  2. Use this first curve ( or circle ) to create the most complex part of the shape profile.
    This will likely require subdivides to get extra control points.
    To do this go into Edit mode a press W > Sudivide. Repeat as many times as needed
    to get required level of detail when editing the shape.
  3. Once most complex part of the profile is shaped use Alt-D to create a copy and move it as required along the planned
    skinned profile.
  4. Edit that next shape as required BUT DO NOT change number of control points ( Do NOT further subdivide)
  5. Repeat from step 5 until all shapes along the skinned profile have been created.
  6. select all shapes that will form the skinned profile.
    9) Join these objects into one object. ( Ctrl -J )
  7. in EDIT mode press F for fill.
  8. This should skin the joined curves…
  9. The key issues are - must be Nurbs surface (curve or circle), Each curve must have the same number of control points and the curves must be joined into one object before trying to use F - fill.

I couldn’t find any way to get it to work without joining the curves ( Ctrl-J in 2.70 )

You could read it also in other way, as was intended by the writer, I suppose:

5) Once most complex part of the profile is shaped use Alt-D to create a copy and move it as required along the planned
skinned profile. (still in edit mode, from the previous pass).

The result is the same.


Thanks, I see what you mean. It doesn’t need my step of joining the objects if you remain in Edit mode then. A small adjustment to the wording of the Wiki would make a big difference if it was more explicit about that. The skinning is basically working on curves within the same object - one way or the other. Many thanks for clarifying that paolo.

I agree, it should be better specified in the wiki.


only thing here is that
start with a drawing as big as possible

if you start with a small drawing it becomes difficult to get smooth curving along a hull for instance
also near sharp turns with high curvature radius you must add a lot more curves to follow the shape!

happy bl