skinning - mirrored vertex group.

I would like to rig a simmetric mesh (a uman body) and it is very difficult to me to setup vertex and weigh so that they’re the same on right and left armature part.
It takes a lot of time too, to make the same thing twice for left and right hand and fingers, left and right leg, feet and so on…
Is there a way to simply setup vertex groups and weight for a half only, and then mirror this settings for the other part? I mean for vertex group, not for armature or bones!
Thanks for reading, hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

sorry for my english.

I think I know what you’re talking about. Select the object you want to mirror and hit the Space bar. You should get a menu. Go to Transform>mirror>X-axis, Y-axis, or Z-axis. Just click on the one you want and it should mirror.

Hope it helps.

Try the script.

blenderfun: thanks, this will probably be the final solution, but what i meant was to mirror only the vertex group settings to a half to a yet existing and yet mirrored (but “vertex group free”) one. I meant, copy those settings, not the entire mesh, from a half to the other. thanks for the tip!

tolobán: wow, thanks, that site is wonderful, i’ll try that script!


I wanted to bump this thread up because it’s kind of old and I am wondering whether this issue is addressed directly in 2.4, and also because I don’t seem to be able to access Toloban’s link here.

Basically I have the same question, I’d like to mirror my vertex groups. The armature and mesh are all in place, half of the mesh is properly vertex grouped, and I’d like to have these mirrored.

Thanks very much for any response,


Currently a lot of scripts relying on NMesh.getVertexInfluences() are broken because an empty list is returned. To see why go to the forum.

However, there is a clever mirror weights script that works with 2.4 (this was just asked):


Thanks very much. I’m having a problem with that script, however. I’m running it with Blender 2.4 alpha-2, but when it runs it immediately complains of a version mismatch and tells me that I’m using version 239.

When I click “+x to -x” it seems to run okay, and reports “181 vertices mirrored” in the console. But nothing seems to change on my model, and the vertex groups are still unset. If I increase the threshold, the -x vertices remain unset, but the +x vertices (whose groups I’m trying to mirror) become messed up. Chunks of the groups become ungrouped and no longer select when I click “select” for the group.

I see some mention in the other thread of a function called x-mirror. I will try to investigate this.

In any case, I’m still open to suggestions.


Try Mirror Tool - it has lots of options, how to mirror (not only) vertex groups. I haven’t tested it on 2.40, but I think it’s worth a try.

The threshold setting is irrelevant and unnecessary, don’t change it.

It works fine for me. Are you maybe trying to run the script in edit mode? Looks like kakapo forgot setting editmode to object mode.