Skinning Poly Curves?

I’ve got a set of cross sections (each consisting of six vertices along a poly curve) that I need to skin together. The only tutorials I’ve found regarding skinning involve NURB surface curves. I can’t use NURB surface curves, since the mesh surface would no longer fall exactly on the vertices.

Is there a way I can do an equivalent of skinning only using poly curves?

Blend file here:


Well, I tried converting the poly curves to meshes, joining them, and then having Blender create “Face Loops.” This seems to be the way to go, so far. I’ll have to see how Blender handles this situation when the cross sections are going around a curve. If it still can pull it off I have a solution.

You can only skin Surface NURBS Curves. You’ll have to move the Control Points so the actual Curves fit the profile.