Skinning with NURBS not working for me !

I’m quite new to Blender, and I’m loving it ! I’ve been doing tutorials,
and one I’m interested in is skinning a sailboat. The tutorial was from version 2.32, and I have version 2.37. It said to add a surface curve, not a bezier or nurb curve. In my version, it says add-curve-nurbs curve. After spending hours modeling, I hit ctr-J to join nurbs, the prompt said- OK join curves? What happened to my nurbs ? Wouldn’t join anything, and therefore no skinning. What must I do to get my sailboat skinned in version 2.37 ? Many thanks for any help. Since I’m a noob, you may have to spell it out for me !!!

You must use Surface NURBS, that’s why they’re called Surfaces; they can be skinned to form a surface. The regular Curve NURBS would collapse around the (new) object center when (Ctrl-J) joined.

In case yours are Surfaces, Box-select all in Object Mode and join. In Edit Mode use A to select all CV’s and hit F to create Faces (or surFaces).


You’re right ! Works like a charm ! Sailboat looks great, Harrrr !

Thanks so much.