Skull_model Update 11-15

Long ago and far away I had a picture called the swamp. I decided to upgrade it and push it a little further. The first thing I was going to do was redo the skull in the scene. This turned into a big project where I rebuilt it from scratch polygon by polygon. Started in Blender 2.23 and just finished after off and on work. I learned a lot from doing it this way. So here is the model of the skull. Click on thumbnail for larger 640 X 480 picture. Suggestions for improvement will be used when I add him to other projects including coming soon a redo of my swamp picture. (old swamp pic in my gallery at my site) Thanks
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Looks cool. The only thing that bugs me is the flat part on the side. It looks a bit exagerated. But then again, I’m not a pro with anatomy.
Great job.

Thanks for the comment IgorSandman, I may have to work on that flat part a bit more as I think it is a very subtle blending and I may have it too exagerated as you say. Sometimes with 2D reference pics it is hard to see exactly how it looks from a 3D viewpoint. I had the same trouble with the cheek looking at front and side views but finally found an artist sketch of a quarter view that helped. I tested this model in the bigger scene it is going in and it will be fine but for future projects I will work abit more on the sides until I get them right. This is one model that seems to keep changing every time I get a break from looking at it. Comments are welcome to things I missed or don’t have exactly right.

Yes, sides are too flat, for the rest it is a very good model, IMO.


Thanks env! Just the kind of input I was looking for from an artist that I respect. IngorSandman’s comment made me look again and I had a feeling he was right. I’ll fix it before I put it my swamp scene.

Indeed it is very nicely modelled paradox.

IgorSandman and env have made the crits already, so I’ll just shut up now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see your still doing stuff too. Been a while. :wink:


It’s a really good model, are you planning on putting a detailed texture on it? It would look great if it has some yellow, dirt, black spots on it to make it look old & more realistic.

Very skull like skull. Good job on the modeling, testure looks good too, Very bone like.

Ohhh, nice

You need to map bone joints on that :wink:


Shouldn’t there be holes in the back of the eye sockets?

Anyway, those are some nice reference pictures in that link I put up.

Thanks for all the comments everyone.

BgDM - yes has been awhile - moved , computer crashed, bad phone lines made internet a hassle then lost connection, moved again , now have cable internet again computer all fixed and I’m back to work and back here.

Roja - yes I plan on working on the texture and realism especially when I add it to some other projects

Hippie - thanks the texture was two image maps, musgrave and a touch of ramp

S68 - does need bone joint maps and in the plans as well as a couple of holes here and there.

paroneayea - yes there should be holes in the eye sockets I took them out because I didn’t like the way they were looking but when I do the texturing for future projects they will go back in. And thanks for the reference I missed that one.

General note: after I add it to the scene I’m working on where some of the details were not that important I’ll come back to this with a more detailed and finished version. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.

scary :wink:
No: very good! 8)

I couldn’t quite let this go yet, so here is an update. Added some holes at cheeks, jaw and eyes, small crack on nose, worked on fixing flatness of side. As always click on thumbnail for larger picture. Any future updates will go in new thread (swamp-redo) where I add it to the scene I’m redoing coming in the next day or so in WIP forum.