Hello there,

i really like the head modelling technique that i have learned from the tut.
Another experiment with same technique…

This is a weapon supposed to wield on your wrist/hand.

– planning to add leather straps,
– need to find a good way for metal blade part.
– if i can manage to build myself or find a free mesh, i am planning to show this wielded on wrist/hand.
– need to practice muuuuuccchhhh on texturing… i have cheated this time by simply unwrapping the half-skull and loading a skull image from net. and just playing few UV vertices around.


I have added some simple leather straps.

  • ring in palm
  • and wrist band


found a hand here: (in fact found a whole body just ripped the hand off)

btw is this so bad that nobody has made a comment about it?