SkullCandy Titans

ALL DONE :slight_smile: This was a little side project of mine… About 3 years ago before my bi weekly skate, i decided to pick up some skullcandy TiTANS… I love the bad boys to this day. so i decided to model them out. Everything is to scale. took me about 2 or 3 hours modeling time and about 5 for rendering and the very minor post pro.

Hope you like :slight_smile:

Nice job on these Thorton… one of these days I need to invest in some good earbuds.

Thank you so much. One of the scholarships i am applying for is portfolio based. Unfortunately i am a little bit of a perfectionest and have a bad habit of liking my model but if i cant get a shader or 2, even miniscule ones quite the way i like, than i can the project. I have old thumbdrives full of corrupted blend files with models i just couldnt get the way i wanted and now that i can am not able to. Because of the flaw of mine i have a small, good, but small portfolio that i regularly take work in and out of because i cant decide whether or not its good enough. This was meant to be a small little thing i could make look realistic and fill up some space in my portfolio just so i have a little more volume.

Because of the flaw of mine i have a small, good, but small portfolio

I don’t know if I would call it a flaw, from what I can tell your a bit of a perfectionist and it has paid off, particularly in your car modeling. I would put you as one of a handful that are in the top of heap around here in that area.

I think if I were you, I would continue to build your portfolio and continue to bring more diversity as you go along like in this piece. My guess is your portfolio is bulging with automotive :slight_smile:

Have you ever done any arch viz?

Thank you again…

Yes a bit of a perfectionist, VERY OC about most things in my own life. not too concerned with what others do. You are right, its how i justify why i have gotten this good. Sitting around with a caliper for 2-3 hours is not something most normal people do, but it certainly can pay off.

I appreciate your compliments on my car models. Yes i am very into automotive. as far as finished the lambo is it, and the dodge will be next. mostly i have a lot of small things like tires and parts lying around. automotive models are fun for me but a little too time consuming in most cases. something about the inanimate style but the organic feel.

I have not done any arch viz, infact my only 1 good interior fell through. My PCs harddrive shat its self and the backup was an empty scene for some reasone. not much i could do…

Really good modeling. i like to just see it and learn more. great job

Thank you so much. I can post side by sides with my pair (which note are seriously chipped as far as paint) in a little while. might be a nice comparison for how it came out