skully WIP

well, im currently workin on a model called “skully” he’s a little cartoony, but oh well…i referenced the model from a doodle i made in a notebook. hope everyone likes !!!
this is the front view
and this is the side view

this model has been fun creating(its my first character-type model) i’ve learned alot about modeling and keepin the poly’s low

(note: i added subSurf)

set smooth is needed badly. its in the edit buttons. here is a pic of where it is

yeah, i know…i have been smoothing it usually, but i just figured people might like the view i gave them

plus i just now smoothed my model and i noticed im getting some wierd black polys showin up in the image…hmm…

try flipping the normals

or try erasing those faces and re making them

still no fix…hmm

here’s an example of what im getting with smooth

could u send me the .blend

i want to see if i can fix it

[email protected]

select all the vertices and do ctrl-n

Yep, recalc the normals outside with CTRL+N. That will fix it.

You need tpo be in EDIT mode and select all the verts with “A” key. Then do the CTRL+N.


hey! the recalc normals worked ! now…what exactly does that do ? im one of those people thatl like to understand what im doing so i can apply it later on myself

You want to apply flip normal on yourself? %| That’s gonna hurt fellow :wink:
Seriously, what CTRL+N does is recalculating all the normals of your model to point outward. If two faces that are side by side have opposite normal directions, the result is a twist in the shadows when you smooth it like you had on your model earlier.
I’m not a tech pro, so maybe my explanation is not complete but that’s about how it goes.

haha, yeah…that was a mean typo on myself eh ?

but thank you for the info…ill be sure and put up a newer version of the model here in a bit