Sky Boxes with Terragen 2

So I got Terragen 2 yesterday and I say , awesome stuff,though I stopped saying that today, when I tried to actually make a sky box, the only reason I got the thing for.
No matter what I do , it always generates horrible seems, witch I can’t fix using Photoshop, they’re just that bad.
I tried adjusting the camera fov,turning off post-process effects,making it larger in res. , and even rendering it as a panorama (total fail) but to no avail.

Here’s a better low Res. Example of that I’m raging about.

As you can see, for any character with a Photoshop level such as mine,the seems are beyond repair.:mad:

Why does it do that, I fought that a respected program like this,although written…and operated by humans, is infallible…

Is your example from T2 or blender. Low rez quick test below, seems ok. If your example came out of blender it looks like your box material is shading. Make it shadeless and some emit might help.


Critch, thanks for your reply, IT Came from Terragen 2, that’s the problem. The first image is facing North ,I think,and the second - East
When I make images with the sun above the horizon all is ok…mostly… The seems occur when I try to do dusk and night skies .

Edit: Did you render each image separately, manually turning the camera by 90* , or does T2 have a automatic sky box render or something?

Edit: And even in your example the ground image(looking down) is a different color that the ground at the bottom edge of all the rest :frowning:

Edit:Any one?

Edit:Planetside Software doesn’t offer refunds you know.

I finally had time to mess with this again. I was able to reproduce the problem in T2. Fixed by increasing samplings. If I remember right most VR are made with a lot of segments. Here’s a strip stitched at every 45 degs. I think more samples will give you better results, even looking down. I do not know if T2 has a automatic sky box but if you paid for T2 you have the animation package (free version limits render size and no animation) so you could key frame the camera and write out a sequence.