Sky Dome Isn't Rotating

I have a sky dome on a second scene in the game engine. There’s a second camera in it for a background scene. The sky camera has a ‘copy rotation’ constraint that tracks to the regular camera in scene one, but the camera won’t rotate in game. Anyone know why?

afaik the regular constraints are not programmed to work on GE.
correct me if i am wrong./

Did u add the constraint in the logic area or the tab area (where it says constraints) I have tried this before and it doesn’t work if your using it in the tabs area, have no idea why though. To make it track when your in the game engine add a sensor controller and actuator. The sensor will be always, the controller will be an ‘and’ controller, and the actuator will be a camera actuator. I’ll post A pick of th setup;)

Nevermind, I found out a way to use Python to get around it. And yeah, looks like “Copy Rotation” doesn’t work with the game engine. Thanks for the suggestions, though.