Sky Free

Nice work you did there !
Some nice additions for the next version would be:

  1. the ability to change to apparent size of the sun (actually I can do it but it’s very tricky, a small change makes the sun dissapear or very very big)
  2. the ability to have more than one sun and change the parameters of each one of them individually

If they are implemented, there will be at least one user of these.

Hi macio!

Thanks for a great upgrade, i tested it a bit on some of my archvis projects and it works nice. It is pretty accurate, flexible and subtle, although i see it is in early stages of development. It has great potential!

The advice i have is maybe considering the apparent size of the sun - although it seems it is about that size in reality, it actually is not, it is 50 or 60 per cent smaller, you could browse some photos for reference. It is not a big issue, but i think the setup deserves to be top notch :slight_smile:

Another minor issue - ‘cloud size’ and ‘cirrus size’ would be better described as ‘cloud amount’ and ‘cirrus amount’ - avoiding confusion with ‘scale’…

This a great! Fast too. I had a lot of fun making some animations of time lapse skies. Thanks very much!

Think this is great. Thank you for all the hard work!

Does anyone know if this is likely to work on a Renderfarm? I’m thinking they’ll be a problem with how the script is embedded. Would my best option be to pre-render a sky video? That seems a little overkill. I’m working on a project that could really do with a 5 min sunrise to sunset timelapse, and I wander if this is the way to go about it.

Also - are there any tutorials out there on using this addon?

We didn’t try yet, but i think you can by chenging the values directly in the Node Editor

Looks awesome! will try it soon!

Having played with this a lot, I have to say I do like it.

However, is there a way to change the horizon position. Frequently if I create an outdoor scene the ground plane will never extend far enough to obscure the pale green ground that the plugin provides. I’ve tried tweaking all of the mapping nodes to no effect. I expect it’s something simple, but eludes me all the same.

Even better would be a slider on the custom controls to alter the height of the horizon. :slight_smile:

That said, good work.

Sorry but this product is no longer supported since we are working on the version 2.0

Any previews, or at least hints about what’s going to be in it?

We are still looking for methods
After that, we will include all in the python code

We so far found these methods:
Volume procedural based
Billboard based
Point Density based (i think this won’t be included because it doesn’t let so much control)

It is so great plugin! Love it a lot! and it is so time-saving!

I´d like to download this one addon. But the links are dead everywhere. Could you please re-upload?

Here it is: