Sky Modeling

Hi everyone!
I’m still pretty new to the Blender community.
I’m working on a project in which I’d like to create a sky similar to that in the following image.
Any tips or advice how I can achieve this?


I had difficulties at first figuring out how exactly was this made but now I think that these are just plane’s with various shapes and sizes set in the sky or certain height. And it looks like they also have custom shader assigned to them that makes them visible/invisible at certain angle and distance. Although, I could be easily wrong about this.

I also assume that this is done in unity and if so, blender pretty much can’t help you with this. Effect like this can only be achieved by making a custom shader and as far as the planes goes they could be randomly instantiated with a script.

Hey thanks!
Planes with a transparency manage to get a similar effect :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that you’ve managed to accomplish somewhat of a desired look.