Sky Textures in B.2.5

Hi,I wanted to add a angular sky map as the sky texture,but I can’t find the options that will allow me to do said. In Blender 2.4x it was easy, the World options had it’s own “texture and imput” and all, but in 2.5 I can’t find it. :o

Thanks in advance. C.

It may be one of the features that is still in development, since 2.5 is still an alpha, certain features have been disabled temporarily.

Hi, If you go first to the world settings panel, then directly to the textures panel you should notice that it says world at the top instead of the name of the selected object. This means that you are in the world textures then all you have to do is add a texture and set the mapping to AngMap.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, I never wold have found it :smiley:
Strange though, when I set the mapping to Ang.Map it renders weird, no matter what I do :frowning: