Skybox and EnvMap - weird issue


After tinkering for a couple of days with skybox, I’ve run into something quite unexpected.

Well, from the start: I have 6 images rendered in Terragen which I need to use in my project. I’ve created a seamless envmap as described here ( - see the very end of this, with ‘cube faces order’):

But when I tried to animate the camera - made it spin 360° around Z it looked like the camer did 720°, i.e. made two full revolutions (!). Again, as I tried to rotate it 90° around X axis, it looked like it did 180°.

Can anyone explain what have I missed there?

Blender is 2.49

Thank you!

Thanks, took a look. Still no idea why my envmap looks ‘mirrored’ (btw, I use 2.49, not 2.6)

I have got this, just saying image you use is as if it was made in 2.6. Are your normals pointing inwards?
I tested on 2.6, looks ok
nothing’s mirrored.