Here is my latest project. The idea came to me when I was surfing on google images for Blueprints of just about anything.

Here it is after a hour of work.

I will start working on the engine fans, probably the cockpit interior and small fuselage details that break the monotony of the fuselage. I will probably do a bump map for decals and to make small ridges between the different parts of the fuselage.

very nice. I’ve been watching that company for years. If your interested it’s:

your skycar looks very similar. nice job.

The model looks very similar to it because the blueprints i have are for the Moller Skycar. They are of poor resolution and I am not making a perfect replica. The main difference is with the jet engines. The Moller skycar’s are more round while mine are more cubic.

Here is an update. I dont know if UV mapping it is really worth it on this model. the scene will be a futuristic landing pad where the skycar will approach to land. I might animate it too.

Will rework the engines. Make them rounder and shorter in lenght. I will do the landing wheels now.

Nice model, you need some Great background models and your good to go.

Where did you find the blueprints and did you find any other interesting ones. I am looking for some good ones of the Serenty Firefly class. I find it easier to model somthing when I can have a top/front/side view background picture. Now If I could only have a different picture independatly in each 3d Window that woudl be great.

Nice image. You should really animatet his flying around a cityscape and landing on a roof.

Concerning the blueprints of this model. I found it by chance while looking for blueprints on google. The image is of low resolution but is sufficient for getting a good idea of the model and proportion.

When you finish I would like to see the blend. One thing that I have never seen in gameblender is a kinda “Looking through the cockpit” type of game/simulation. I have no idea why. but I would like to try.

Sure, ill post it when I am done with the model. I havnt had much time to work on it during the last few days due to lack of time. I will continue it during the weekend.

I have redonne the whole engines nacelles. I have also done the undercarriage (wheels and tire). I will move on into the cockpit now.

I have added a basic cube room for a makeshift scene.

It’s looking good, but I have some crits:
Firstly, your images need anti-aliasing! Click the OSA button in the renderbuttons (assuming you didn’t leave this off by choice.
Secondly, it is looking rather clean at the moment, as if it is still in the showroom. That’s good, but if it has been in the world for a while it may get a little dirty - yet I do think it looks nice the way it is.
Apart from that, it looks good, and the way you have coloured it removes the feeling I had at first of ‘not enough detail’. This was helped by the changing of the engines. Good work, and well done.

Thanks for the crit. I will first make a “showroom shot” and then make another scene where it will be outside on the tarmac. I will keep in mind your idea for the dirt

The OSA is turned off for my test renders to save render time. I usually only put it when I make final renders.

I started working on the hangar and lighting a bit. The skycar is already in a more realistic environment. I will now finish the cockpit interior, add a few details here and there and start adding details to the hangar (such as tool trays etc)

I turned on the OSA btw :slight_smile:

I continued working on the scene a bit. I got very inspired by real pictures of us aircrafts (notably the F117 in hangar shots i found)

added the tool carts and added more detail to the hangar.

I will rework the metal hangar trusses on the right wall. I will add more detail to the door behind. I will also add shelves around. I will finally make myself do the cockpit and try that interior shot that was suggested. All this and more soon…

Stay tuned (right now i have Real life business in the way :frowning: )

OK. I am back working on the project. I was busy doing the Weekend Challenge contest and I just submitted my entry. So now I will continue my skycar :D. I have been thinking of the animation(s) I will be doing. A nice turning shot in the hangar to give the whole model a good look and probably a take-off scene.

Right now I am adding hangar details and i will force myself to do that darn cockpit (for some reason my mind doesnt want to do it)