Skydome texturing question

How do you properly texture a skydome so it displays on the inside of the mesh, where it’s needed, and not only the outside. At least I’m assuming that’s the problem because when I move the camera to view the inside, the dome mesh seems to vanish. When I run it in game mode, there is only blackness.

Basically I created a UV sphere, removed the lower half and then textured the upper half with a sky image (fish eye).

just flip the normals…

EDIT: Ignore below. U > unwrap, fixed it (tutorial missed an important step lol), although the ground textures
looks warped. The sky texture looks fine. Maybe I’m using the wrong unwrap type for the ground. The sky image is a fisheye pano view and seems to suit the polar view circular mesh in the UV image editor. The ground mesh was just a plain panoramic. The mesh in the image editor looks more like a bowl (side view).

That helped - well, at least it looks closer to an example skybox that I downloaded. But the images are not showing up. What I noticed about the working example is when in edit mode, the UV image editor has the wire frame laying over the image, but mine doesn’t.

Have you unwrapped it?