I decided to take a little break from my Couch WIP and work on another project of mine. This is based on the skylight in the sun room of some friends of me and my wife.

It’s just about there. Needs glass reflections and the displacement on the wood panels lowered some.

Thoughts? Crits?

Looks very nice, but I think you need to light the bottom of the ceiling. I just got started so I don’t know what other people think.

Beautiful render, I think the glass is nice without any reflections and the wood is also good as it is. What bothers me is the sharp reflection the white paint. it should be blurred a bit more and maybe even have a slight noise displacement. And perhaps the frame, where it borders with the wood texture, could be more distinguishable from the wood.

I like the moodiness of it. That’s really effective considering it’s an image of light, so the dark wood and heavy interior atmosphere really make that skylight a beacon.

I do wonder if you’ve made the sun lamp too large? The shadow disperses almost immediately instead of holding together for a few feet crisply. I know there’s that reality/interpretation balance to strike and fuzzy shadows equate to good 3D but it’s such a nice picture that I wonder if a sharper shadow together with the reflections won’t appear more like a photograph. Honing in on that architectural detail is very smart and it’s already really well done.

Hi All,

Thanks for the tips.

Re: Toonhimself - It might need a tiny bit under the ceiling. I was messing with tweaking it in photoshop per your suggestion, but I was finding that when the ceiling got a little more light it started pulling the focus away from the window which is where I want the viewer wants to go.

Re: Erstus - You are absolutely right on the paint. I’ve added a small displacement to it to make it look more like it was painted with a roller and you can see it in the updated image below. I still dropped the wood down some. The one above looked too much like unfinished wood to me.

Re: HelloHiHola - I was debating the sun shadows myself and went back and forth a little with the sharpness. The photo I originally took was on an overcast day so everything was soft. I wanted a little of the softness to lighten the mood and give the viewer an almost dreamy feeling as they look towards the sky. While the sharper shadow comes closer to reality, I want to sustain just a little bit of fantasy to lift the mood. That being said, i’m still messing with it.

Updated image below. Modeling wise I have yet to bevel the edges between the walls. Too sharp. The bevel Modifier ends up creating some artifacts as does the edge bevel tool. not really happy with either. I might just have to go in and do it manually. Then onto the crazy high sampled final render.

More crits please! :slight_smile:

Figured out the bad geometry - duplicate vertices that was causing the errors with the bevel modifier.

Rendered it with 2000 samples below.

A few final steps and this will be ready: Dust particles in the air and slight bloom from the window.

Nice, I’m glad you got the bevel working.
And dust is almost always a good idea :wink:

Thanks! Going to attack the particles in the morning. I’ve not really used them for much yet.