Skylight – Project complete.

The final composite for my Skylight project. Critiques and comments welcome.

I like this, the smudges on the glass really add(more realistic than if it was completely spotless). One problem I have with this is that the edges are so dark. I think in the real world the light coming down would bounce off the floor, come back and light that bit up. Other than that, you did a great job with the sun flare and the PR in general. :slight_smile:

The sky got bit too desaturated in my opinion, but it looks really nice nonetheless. Good job there!

Nice study, although to me it feels like there is too much negative space up top. I also agree that it’s relatively too dim in that room for the time of day depicted.

Thanks all. The lack of light on the ceiling was a creative choice based on the photo original I took with my iPhone. The light from the window caused the auto exposure to close the aperture which resulted in the ceiling almost being black. In hind site I should have turned on the HDR to have a more balanced exposure. However, now I’m starting to rethink it.

I think I’ll take another stab at the lighting and re-render.

I love it man, generates a good feeling. Very original.

Thanks! I appreciate it.