Skype Chat (messaging not phone call) for 2+ hours.

I’m looking for someone who can help me learn something specific in blender. All I really need to do is take an OBJ file of a bottle, and make it look realistic. It is a matte plastic bottle with a clear cap. I would like to learn so I’m able to create additional bottles in the future of (basically) the same material. I’ll always have the obj files when I need to work with blender, but just need help making those models look realistic enough for product images on e-commerce sites.

I probably only need about 2-3 hours of your time. I know it may not be much but I can afford $20 an hour. If your help proves to be extremely useful, I will most likely hire you again when I need to learn other specifics. If I need to buy any specific materials, I have no problem with that.

I doubt what I want is advanced, as I almost had created what I wanted after using blender for the first time for about 8 hours.

I really need someone who can type in clear English, and someone who knows blender very well (I like to learn things correctly the first time around).

I understand I can buy a membership on cgcookie, which I most likely will, but I need one on one help.

Again, I don’t want to speak on a call, just Skype messaging.

Typed this on my phone so my grammar may be rough. Sorry about that. I’d need to do this tomorrow. 10 or 11 AM Central time would be ideal.

Hey there, I can definitely help you! Join this conversation whenever you’re ready! I’ll be online at 10am sharp

Ahh darn, I didn’t see this post until now!