Skype, good or bad idea?

Is Skype a good idea to have when working with team members on a project? For quick sharing whats going on in the desktop, and being able to type chat while doing so. Is this good to have, or does it have problems with security? Just some things I would like to know.

Works fine here…

What kinds of problems do you thinks you’ll have about security ? What kind of project are you conducting for goodness sake

There is also Skype for commercial use which has stronger encryption.

I actually use Skype a lot. But I just have the free version. I do not
send any files via Skype thus encryption or security does not matter
to me at all.

Files we share via dropbox which is encrypted or a dedicated ftp server.

A different service which offers a good service is teamviewer since it allows
remote presentations to all logged-in partners.

I also use Skype for online teaching when I am sick and students to not
miss a class. Worked very good.

Do people you on’t knoow ever ge on and bother you? Or is somethinglike that ever a problem?

You can disable messages and such from people who aren’t in your contact list.

I don’t have those messages disabled, and I get some spam message about once a week oslt, not really often enough to actually bother me

Ok, I just joined yesterday and didn’t know much about it. I wan convince a friend to join, and he didn’t want to for these reasons.

what about Google Talk? works fairly well, and you can send files and stuff (had a lot of fun with that last night, lol)

GoogleTalk is pretty good as well.

For collaboration also Google Wave is decent.

But it seems to me that Skype has a better video and sound quality compared
to GT.

well, i can’t exactly tell if GT’s audio is good or not, as all the tests i’ve done with T Edoc have either only worked on my end because of the time of day, or bad microphones, lol

a company I know uses google apps as email and also googletalk and I think that runs well for them.
as a premier google app gmail docs and googletalk are very secure.

for myside I like skype more because it feels more polishes- a lot of google services seems to be
half done and not really finished.

gmail is amazing, calender as well, but google docs has a lot of flaws.

I use Skype (the free version) and am rarely bothered by spam really. Audio/video is fine, even with a slow (~ 1000 kbps) line. There is also a “share screen” option somewhere but I haven’t tried it yet.

Share-screen option equals awesome.

share screen in windows is here:

Call > Share your screen

It has always seemed to me that Skype is very good at what it does … although by now it is by no means the only way to get “what it does.” For the most part, I think that your success with using it (or any similar service) will rest in how you use it.

“Encryption,” of any sort, is (or ought to be…) a most elementary, basic, requirement. When you are talking on a telephone, you don’t intend to be using a megaphone in a sports stadium. Therefore, you really do want to place some slight technical obstacle between yourself and the very real possibility of encountering a WAV-file of your supposedly “private” conversation on Facebook. :eek:

The purpose of this encryption, though, is really very similar to the objectives of a friend of mine who once kept a very expensive 12-string guitar in a cardboard case with a tiny padlock. The lock’s purpose, he explained, was “to keep the honest people out.”

What Skype has done … all Skype ever intended to do … was to establish that: “it is extremely unlikely that your phone has been tapped.”

If you have truly business-sensitive and important information that you need to exchange using the very-obvious convenience of “a public, world-wide channel,” then you should encrypt it yourself, using readily-available public-key based tools that are easy for both of you to use. Then, put the encrypted files in the public Internet depository of your choice.

These days, it’s quite easy to obtain very secure encryption that doesn’t get in your face. (You are, after all, merely pursuing what has become an entirely routine business requirement.) Nevertheless, “when you mail your letter, it is your responsibility to package it appropriately.”

(And if you happen to be a big bad international criminal :wink: … then, quite frankly, you richly deserve to “get busted.” And to never have a clue just how it happened.)