Does anyone know anything about this…? Is it trustworthy?

well…trustworthy…I guess so…

I’ve known about Skype for a couple of years now, and to my knowledge it’s a trustworthy application.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t actually used it ) :smiley:

Oh yeah, I use Skype all the time. I’m sure it’s part of the reason why GoogleTalk came out; to compete with it (also pretty nice VoIP proggie). I recommend Skyp. It works very well and is trustworthy (at least as far as wel know :)).

thanks guys for the quick replies. I just had a look at the skype discussion forums and found this - its about how ebay have bought the rights to skype for $2.6 billion!

Skype’s fine. My dad uses it all the time, though I think maybe for speaking to other women since my Mum and Dad have been going through a rough patch (for the last 20 years or so). What really bugs me is he uses all the bandwidth. I’m like geez, the reason we got freakin’ broadband was to stop getting interrupted by phone calls and now you just phone everybody with broadband %|. A**wipe.

He even calls regular phones because it’s cheaper and is a worldwide flat rate (I think) plus my mum doesn’t know what he’s up to because no bill comes in. You have to pay for the skype to phone service at the moment but maybe one day soon it will be free.

We use skype at home and at work. Very useful.
With offices along the north coast of scotland the phone bills soon mount up with conference calls etc with other designers and coders dotted around.
Skype reduces our internal calls to £0.


skype has just been sold to a massive company in the last few weeks. so i dunno how long it will be trustworthy for.


Well, the creator of kazaa made skype, and as well all know kazaa was filled with spyware, although skype doesn’t have spyware it is a bit like “meh”.

From what my ICT teacher said, VoIP limitation at the moment is that you cant call emergancy phone numbers, like 999 - so you need regular phone line ontop of that… which has the £10 monthly line rental etc…

One thing i’ve never got is, if skype is soo good, everyone is going to be using it, if everyone is using it then all their calls are free? because skype to skype is free… then they’ll be bankrupted… that… or you have to pay for it all…

I just joined Skype a couple days ago and am looking for someone to talk to. My username is maccam912, so gimme a ring.

International phone rates are ridiculous to and from where we and our relatives live, so skypeout is saving big money for people calling us, if not costing nothing when I am online.

The Linux version is buggy and every new version brings only cosmetic changes but doesn’t address the real problems. Even being free, Skype is not open source. It took me a lot of work to get it running. This is another case where closed source sucks.

Although in its initial stage, there seems to be an open source alternative: Wengo ( It is said to offer better sound quality and use less bandwidth.

I will switch from Skype as soon as there is a better option.

They should make a phone which you can just plug into a router than just a usb version that has to work through your computer - i Got skype on my ubuntu, but i cant even use it cause my microphone doesnt work on the system at all, nothing related to skype but gay none the less. But i think with vonage? they have phones u can just plug into the router /connection which is better than leaving ur computer on 24/7 etc…

Wanadoo wireless. Got it, never used it though.


Wanadoo wireless. Got it, never used it though.

Chimpoid[/quote]But thats not with skype is it?

No, it’s just wanadoo’s VOIP thing.
The wlan box has a port for a standard phone jack. You just pop in any phone and your good to go.
They assign you an incoming number and your evneing and weekend calls are all free. I think…the manual is in the attic :wink:


Yeah thats no good then, their rates arn’t good either… ^^ id rather pay that like 20p a month to local numbers and spend another £1 to mobile phones with skype than to spend £50 to mobiles… lol