Skyrim 3rd person camera

This is a skyrim type camera setup for blender.
The video explains the concept, but you can just download the .blend and figure it out on your own! Its quite simple and i hope it helps.
here is the demo of the camera concept

and heres the download:

your camera setup is very nice!
Thank you for sharing!
Is it “correct” that the camera/view goes under the ground?

thanks :slight_smile: -technically not, im not sure how we would fix it though. i tried to add collision to camera but that didn’t help

Nice, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

For the camera ground collision maybe a geometry object parented to the camera can detect collisions, and in this way avoid the ground overlap.

Mobius that is very cool, but i now nothing of code. do you think there’s any way of implementing your feature into this setup?

thanks for share

You might be able to do it will just logic bricks.

For me, I find it just easier to do almost everything in Python. I didn’t know Python before I started working with the game engine, but It’s really easy to pick up, especially if you’ve learned other programming languages like java or C.

btw, there’s a bug with your camera. If you’re looking down or up and try to move forward, your character barely moves or won’t move at all if the camera is completely vertical.

hehe yes i know, like i said, its very simple and messy setup so there are a lot of problems with it.
as for code, i completely see your point, with python being far more practical than logic bricks. Im starting to learn python myself, but through tutorials in using just compilers. I’m not sure how easily that knowledge can be applied to blender’s engine.

how did u learn python and which tutorials did u watch?

I actually just picked it up by looking at sample code an trying things out on my own. I already knew Java an C before hand, so all I really had to learn was the proper syntax. All the methods you’ll need can be foun in the Blender Python API.

If you don’t have much coding experience, I would just do some quick Google searches for “python tutorials” or “python for beginers”. I’m sure you’ll get some good sources to get you started.