Skyrim mod projects

I’m looking for 3D artists to help me design assets for a series of Skyrim mods designed to overhaul various aspects of the game.

The models will be released under a group name aside from my standalone assets. Most of the projects will fall into one of two categories; new models or retexture.

I will be opening a discord channel to coordinate the projects and would ask artists to use the opportunity to showcase their work and talents to the Skyrim community.

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I might be available.
Contact me for more information.

Thanks for your interest Zeno! I’d be happy to, unfortunately the message icon doesn’t appear on your avatar or profile page.

I would be interested in helping out… I don’t showcase anything but here is an example of my work as a live scene in Skyrim SSE…

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this may be a bit too late but I can help. I am fairly new to this so don’t expect much but I will be happy to help with whatever I can.


I am interested in to the project.
If you still need more people here is my
email address : [email protected]
portfolio : 3D models by Lukas Boban (@LukasBoban) - Sketchfab

Best Wishes

Interesting Im in
im new to blender but still want tto join

Awesome. Please feel free to drop me a message.

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