Skyrim Werewolf

Hey guys! Here is again some Skyrim inspired stuff. Did the Werewolf some time ago and now I had the time to make some portfolio piece out of it.

Rendered with Cycles. Took 10 hours to render even with denoising. The main reason for this is the resolution of 3840x2160, the fur and the big amount of lights I used (around 20).

Artstation link:

Happy new year all of you! :slight_smile:


how many hair particles you use?

Exacytly 710 000 inside 11 different particle systems.

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Oh man. This is awesome, me being a Skyrim fan and all. xD

Can you share your work process on the fur? Or the material you used? Working with fur in Blender is always so hard, but people like you make it look easy!


Thank you!

The hair shader is not that complex, just mixed the skin texture from the werewolf with some procedural stuff, hair strand info, and a blood textur, distributed with a painted mask.


Interesting! You don’t use the Principled Hair shader, yet the fur looks much better then mine when using the new shader. xP

You mentioned you used 11 particle groups but very few particles, only 700k, but as far as I can see you only use fur in the torso and legs, so why did you use so many groups?

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The hair is quite impressive, very professional and at a quality that is uncommon on these forums.

It also shows off the performance enhancement that the Intel denoising brings, just make sure you’re using LordOdin’s method (or a variant) instead of the most basic possible setup.


Yea because I did the fur shader already some tome ago when there was no principle hair shader :smiley:

Here you can see all the different groups:

Its much easier to control the hair if you seperate it. Especially if you want to use different settings for the children for example.


Sorry to bother you but, what is the LordOdin’s method? I never heard of it.

Hmm…That means you almost have to use a group for every body part! Nuts!

But maybe that does even end up on saving you lots of memory, since then you are only using the exact ammount of strands that you need, instead of filling it up with tons of extra strands to not have bald spots.

Yea it dosn´t help to safe memory, it just makes sure that I don´t mess up the head hair during styling the shoulder hair for example. So I can style the hairs for the head, and if it looks good I can go to the next body part without destroying anything.


Im also interested in this :thinking:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


Thank you Bart!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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i love it… it’s amazing

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A couple questions:

  1. How many samples did you use?
  2. By denoising, do you mean that new Intel OpenImageDenoise algorithm that uses AI to intelligently identify the noise? It’s a node included in Blender 2.81 that you can feed the image through.

I used 600 Samples and yes I did it with the new AI denoiser. But I noticed yesterday that the reason for this very high rendertime is mainly the subdivision of the hair. I used 7 subdivisions, but if you decrease it to 6 it will render much much faster and there is no big difference in the hair quality.