Not finished anything for a while due to other commitments but here is my latest piece for the CGBoost challenge, theme: Sky Ship.
Took a Dieselpunk approach, inspired by images of paratroopers during Second World War.
Having my new external GPU has made texturing in Substance Painter a joy again!!


Love the concept.

I know it’s finsihed but here are some ideas to polish it even more.

  1. the shadows around the character standing, due to the nature of the open environment/lights, i would expect it to be totally washed out.

  2. the closes right hand rocketeer, if he just jumped from the same ship, it feels like he should have dropped a tad more downwards. well at least he’s off compared to the rest.

And honestly that is all… hard to nitpick anything more. As mentioned, love the concept and overall execution.

Thanks for the feedback.
You managed to pick up on a few of the things that had been niggling me as well!
There’s a couple of other things that stand out to me as well but I’ll keep quiet about them…

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I’d be honest in saying that I would love to hear what else stands out to you. Gives me an opportunity to “sharpen” my eyes for my projects, and what to watch out for.

Here’s just a few of the most glaring errors from a render point of view - things I only notice after my ‘big render’ has happened.

From a compositional point of view, the hull of the ship the rocketeers are jumping out of is pointing downwards quite strongly, that would make the way the main guy is standing make no sense, he should be leaning back more, or at least holding himself more firmly against the door.

From a story point of view - why the hell are these fellas willingly throwing themselves out into the air to attack a huge battleship without carrying any weapons at all?! :roll_eyes:

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AI fully agree on the lack of weapons… unless they are the weapons them selves (aka kamikazi?)

Or they are just an infiltration team. :slight_smile: but yeah, if they are there to attack fully agree.

As for rocketeer standing. honestly he does look like he’s leaning, but also as he’s about to jump out, there would be no reason for him to hold firmly. So at least that part to me doesn’t stand out as much, compared to the lack of weapons.

The render errors, “we’ll fix that in post” :slight_smile:

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Either way, eager to see your next piece of work.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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Dude, I understand the weapon part, but do you know how hard this probably was for the guy/girl to make!? At least show a little bit of acknowledgement.

Fair point @anon12752311.

I still think it’s an awesome piece @lordgert! :rofl:

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nice work !!!

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Steampunk art, loving it! :slight_smile:

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Kamikaze brother!!! They a huge powered bomb inside that jetpack. Its like what the Japanese did a lot in WWII

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I like it! It tells a bit of a story.

It would make for a killer bit of animation, the door opening and the troopers jumping out…

Very well done!


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I really was considering an animation of exactly what you describe but it would require quite a bit of work on the bits you can’t see - the front of the troopers are a mess!
I still might get round to it to practise making game ready characters when I get a chance…

The only(!) thing that bothers me about this shot is that the ocean doesn’t look like it’s really there. Now, if your intent is that these ships are actually in the sky in your fantasy world, that’s perfectly fine … but I’d say put some ridges or mountains down there, and perhaps don’t have the paint on the sides of the ships change color in a horizontal line. (Which basically says to my eyes that the keel of the ship is immersed in something, namely water.)

To “sell” the fantasy that I think you’re looking for, I think that you need to do more to break-up the most natural first impressions. If the first-glance thing that your eyes see is visual confusion, you’ve just missed your punch.

Some interesting points - thanks for the feedback!
I thought a lot about the paint job of the ship. I modeled it on the Bismark which is often portrayed with the standard red anti-fouling paint below the waterline. As this ship was meant to be in the sky, rather than the water, the red paint would have been unnecessary, so I went with a blue colour to enable camouflage when seen from below. I also tried a whiter/grey cloud-like texture but that camouflaged it too well and it lost it’s outline.
I think sometimes I think too much about the technically ‘correct’ ways it should look versus the artistic advantage of different things!
Thanks again,