Slate Roof & Timber Cladding - Model or Materials?

Hey, I’m working on an Arch Viz model of a new build house which has vertical timber cladding to the walls and a slate roof. I’m wondering what approach I should use to model these?
So far I’ve considered:

  • Flat extruded planes with texture maps and normal/bump/displacement to create the relief on the surface
  • Model each plank and tile as individual geometry
  • Extrude a plane and model the grooves to create the relief

I’ve not spent any time yet learning how materials & textures are applied in blender so I don’t know if that will influence the choice of which method to use or not.

This is a rough example of what I’m looking to replicate

Both ways are valid. It depends on the level of detail you want to achieve and the level of control you need. Also on the position of camera - how close to these details will your shots be.
If you want to model planks I can suggest floor generator for that. Then just subtract holes for windows and doors using boolean. There are plugins for such roofs (archimesh I believe) or just use array+booleans for holes again. Modeled objects could then be baked to a texture if it turned out to be too heavy (which this case won’t be).

Yes, it depends on how close you get. If you want to show it from a distance like in your photo, bump textures for the wood and slate are totally sufficient.

What I did was model the wall with the least amount of polygons needed, UV unwrapped it and applied a bumped texture. If you don’t need ultimate detail that seems to be the way to go.