Slenderman Forest Scene

I’m working on a foggy night scene with slenderman. I’m currently remodeling the character, and then I’ll need to rig him and set a slightly creepier pose. I’m also trying to get it to look like a flashlight is shining from the right side, though it just looks like a yellow blob right now.

Hoping to create a short animation with the character once it’s all set as well.

Here’s an updated render. I pretty much remodeled everything and added Slenderman’s weird tentacle arms. Also worked on the flashlight.

I like it, maybe you should have slenderman be facing the flashlight and keep the camera where it is? I think it would look cool that way, also, could you post an image of slenderman’s mesh? I’m curious on how you modeled his collar.

I’ve decided to remove his tentacle arms, and I’ve also made him taller. I’m messing with the background as well. And working on his pose, though since I haven’t actually rigged him yet, I’m just posing him in edit mode. And other ideas?

@BrandonxWins Thanks! I’ll post a proper wireframe too, but this is what the collar looks like. It’s literally just the collar, then the suit takes over from there.

From here, I just added a subdiv and solidify modifier and it looks good enough in the dark!

Maybe a bad idea, but most of the slender videogames/etc show some ‘digital noise’ when Slender’s in view. Maybe something similar would be useful for this?

Anyway. Right now, he’s got this calm and normal top-left-light illuminating his skull, which feels… well, normal. Maybe experimenting a bit with silhouette lighting or bottom-lighting would increase the ‘ooh, creepy’ factor?

Changed the lighting a bit on his face, and added another flashlight from behind the camera.

@X2Eliah I was also thinking of adding the digital noise, but I’m thinking I’ll do that in an animation instead of the still image, but I’ll mess with the idea! I also moved the lighting so show more of his “face” and to reveal an eye hole.