Slice a mesh into x number of equal meshes?

What I’m trying to do is slice (as in slicing a ham etc…) into a certain number (like 32 or something) of pieces. What is the most efficient way of doing this? Instead of just separating different verts to separate meshes, I want to make a strait cut so that in the end each section has a top and bottom that is a flat plane (think about slices of bread). Thanks!

That’s what I’ve been trying to do for a week without finding how… I’m pretty new to Blender and I’ve been reading the manual on and off (reading some parts extensively and researching some info inside with the Search function). I’ve also ordered the Essential Blender book from the Online Store (but haven’t received it yet :’( )
I’ve been looking for a way to slice a UVSphere into rings so I can rotate every other ring and then put them all back together into a sphere to model a disco ball (the mirrored squares are not aligned on a real disco ball… Would be too easy!) I’m sure there is some very simple way of doing it that involves Edge Loops (which I only know how to select for now… Woohoo!).
Anybody has an idea? Would help tremendously. Thanks a million

Ari ;o)

While looking around the forum (I just registered!) I found that if you select a face loop and press PKEY you can Separate those faces from the rest of the mesh. That sorts it for my disco ball problem. I don’t know if that’s what you were looking for mvatki, though, because I checked whether this acted as a bread slicer and it doesn’t, i.e. for my sphere case, when I separate the faces, there weren’t any top and bottom faces (if I get back to your image of a bread slice, I did get a slice but with the bread crust only: there was no inside.)

Hope this makes sense somehow.

Ari ;o)

There’s a patch available that adds “slice” modifier to Blender. You can find it at .

Also look into knife tool. Hotkey for it is shift-k or just k.

Thanks BeBraw for the Slice patch tip. I’m still very new to Blender and therefore have never installed patches or anything of the like. What am I supposed to do when I have downloaded the file (which is a text file that is in some programming language --Python, I’m guessing-- from what I know about Blender…)?

Should I copy it to a given directory, or load it in Blender, change its extension from .txt to .py or something?

Thanks for your help!

Ari ;o)

To use a patch you need to compile Blender yourself. This can be quite a daunting task if you haven’t done any programming earlier. Some basic information can be found at and .

However there is another way which may be easier for you. A while ago I created a build containing heaps of patches. One of those happened to be slice modifier. You can find a build for Windows at . There is also a build for Linux available.

You can try out the modifier, apply it, save the file and append (see it to an older version. That is probably the easiest way.

Note that the build may not be totally compatible with older, official version or the current SVN version. This means that if you work on it and then open the file as it is in other version, some data utilizing certain features may be gone.

I’m really not up for (re-)compiling blender. Is there a quick way to do this or am I just going to have to manually work through it all. Basically, I just want to separate an object on the basis of a plane. I don’t just want to pop one set of verts from another, though, I need to have a planar surface where the split was made (going back to the bread and ham analogies—I must have been hungry…). It seems that this would have been addressed before though–I would have thought that there would be a python script by now… Does anyone know of such a thing?

If you do a loop cut (Ctrl + R) and just change the number of cuts, it’ll do that slicing bread effect evenly. Hopefully that helps.

I’ve gotten this problem solved. A combination of loop cutting and pkeying, moving verts etc… did the trick. Thanks to everyone who responded.