Slice up the model?

It says down below this page that I may not post attachments so can’t show the screen shots of what appears to be some sort of Studio Max feature or plug in and that allows you to slice up the model of a car for example. It looks as though you position a frame around the sections you want and the softwars traces the contour and outputs a series of edges/vertices. The person who sent me the screen shots said these sections and from which the model can easily be rebuilt, retail for about twenty dollars each. Not a bad little business idea. Anyone seen this and could give further details on how this works?

Thanks and yep that looks like it. I had a feeling someone would have created an add on for Blender. With selling the slices, it was a contact on facebook who mentioned it to me and I’d have to ask him where he found that. The link he attached was just screen shots of a car being sectioned in Studio Max.

Moved from “General Forums > Blender and CG Discussions” to “Support > Modeling” (the support forums allow attachments) a link to the Max screen shots. I’m waiting for the contact on facebook to get back to me about where he saw the bit about selling the sections and will post it as soon as he replies.

Thanks to Fweed for putting this in the correct section… oops!

OK, the people who buy these sections are makers of kit cars. The model is made in a 3D app then sectioned and the sections individually printed out at full scale. From that a plug is made for the fiberglass body. A set of sections retails for 350 dollars on average. Maybe a source of extra income for those who just love making highly detailed models of exotic sports cars.

This is interesting: I like to model cars & I’m trying to live on a fixed income.
Djinn, any links you’d like to share about this?

  • Bill

Hi Bill, nothing specific, just repeating what this facebook person told me and he got the information from the forum. Cheers