Slicing Models?


I am wondering if there is any way (preferably a way that is not too difficult) to take a blender model and slice it into thin sections. This would help with a fabrication project I am involved with. So basically the process goes something like this:

  1. Take a model, such as a loaf of bread and load it in Blender.
  2. Run a script or something, that slices the loaf into a bunch of bread slices.
  3. Then take a picture of each slice from the side.
  4. These pictures can then be split into pixels that will be fabricated.
  5. Stacking each slice on one another will result in a physical model of the original blender model.

The problem is that I have little experience with Blender and no experience with Python. Any ideas how I might be able to accomplish step 2? I am sure I can do step 3, but figuring out a way (eventually) to accomplish step 3 automatically would be great. Any help with these problems is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

1 - one indirect way to do it

use Alt-B thenmake a box in one of the viewport and this hide a part of the model
then by changing the slice you hide different part of your model

2 - There a slice Plane that can be used in the script librari of wiki

mau be somebody can come up with beter ideas


I was thinking one way would be to set the near far clipping properties for the camera,
but this could be a little tedious and mathematical, but probably easier than
coding python if you don’t know how.

Creech, you mean the type of knife one finds in C4D?

i remember a script that could help you do what you want
slice object

it seems that the site is not working anymore
but if you need this script i can upload the script
let me know if your still interested