Slide edge

I get a ‘Missing Rails’ error when trying to use the slide edge tool. A google search turns up no info on this. What’s up with it?

Your Edge needs other edges from verts top and bottom (rails) to slide along. Yours is probably a loose part.


Well this is what the edge currently looks like:

| …|
------------- <-- this edge
| …|

…and I’m trying to slide it up and down. Should that not work?

Could you post a screenshot?




I’m sure if you Grab that edge it’ll be loose. You seem to have a Cube object and if that selected Edge were a subdivision of the *two edges it’s “touching” then (because Blender doesn’t support N-Gons) it would create new edges radiating from the selected edge to the far corners of the top and bottom faces.

  • those two edges (if connected) would be the Rails.


By ‘loose’ do mean unconnected to the two side edges? Because that isn’t the case, if I select and grab and move it distorts the two side edges. I created it by subdividing the two sie edges, selecting the two resulting vertices and joining them via Edit->Edges->Make Edge/Face.

You only have edges, but no faces on your mesh. Try to add a face to the top and bottom section of your edge by selecting four vertices and pressing the Fkey. Then you should be able to select your edge and make the slide edge work.

Oh I see, you have to make the faces. Don’t really see the reason though :confused: