Slide Elements on Surface


is there a way to slide elements on the active surface?
i can slide a vertex along it’s connected edges, but can i slide it on the surrounding polygons to keep the shape?
as long as i don’t have backfaces it works with snapping and surface mode turned on but on a sphere for example it doesn’t work.

cheers christian

Try that :

In Object Mode make sure Snap (the magnet button) isn’t enabled (important as if it is enabled it would lead into problem for what’s next)
Select your object and press SHIFT+D then Enter or Left Click to duplicate it, both objects should be on top of each other.

Select your original object, set its display to XRay :

Go to Edit Mode, enable the Snap button, set to Surface and make sure to enable the 2 buttons next to it, so you end like that :

Now you can move you vertices, they will snap on the duplicated object that is bellow, allowing you to keep your mesh shape to be kept

i guessed this would be the only way although i was hoping for an easier solution to quickly tweak vertices.

but thanks santuary :slight_smile: