sliding the wings into a tech suit SOLVED

I have tech suit for hero avatar. This suit has 2 wings. The wings are extended (wing mesh object in rotation Y: 105 degrees) or retracted (wing mesh object in rotation Y: 25 degrees).

It is bothering to continually rewrite the values of Y rotation. Can it be sloved by some trick? For example say 105 degrees are positon 0, 25 degrees are position 1 and you can switch between value 0/1 in tab???


My suggestion is to make an armature. Then you can limit the bone rotation. There might be an easier way though, anyone?

using an armature is the best thing to do if you plan on rigging your suit.

Other tricks that you can do if you don’t want to rig it yet :

-set an animation : frame 1 open , frame 2 closed, you can then switch from one position to another.
look into constraints like : limit rotation, transform, action constraints and use an empty to manipulate the wing folding/unfolding.

Thank you very much guys :slight_smile:

What method did you decide to go with?