(slightly feeble) first organics attempt

Here it is, my first attempt at a human head.


crits and comments, please

hehe, actually looks kinda cool. Would make an awesome saturday morning cartoon charachter, lots of room for expression. Just need to tidy up the skin/mouth etc, guess you know that though. Nice start!

First reaction- Scared
Second reaction- Perplexed
Third reaction- Laughing (the good kind of laugh)

You know, instead of “realisticsm” it, run along with what you have now, and see where it takes you. Also, try using the Toon and Oren shaders, to see how it fits better.

It looks good but your mesh is a bit whacky. Try to keep the structure simple and uniform. Check out some other head meshes for refference. Anyway, looks like a good start. Nice job w the hair.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Im having a few problems with the mesh… :frowning: I have it set up so the mesh is actually very basic but then it runs through about 4 subdivides to get to the render. Is this the right way to do it? Somewhere in the subdivision it seems to warp the mesh and put strange loops and stuff into it. Is there a way around this?


Click remove doubles, it might fix it, and put on toon shading! Then all that will be left to do is the texturing. It’s always the hardest part; I’ve never textured a person decently.

Good start.

btw, i just started playing with organics in the last couple of days too.

If you mean you are getting black stripes, that would be your normals being inverted. select all vertices in edit mode, and hit CTRL N for recalc normals outside.

No, its more strange twists and turns in the mesh caused by the subdivision. Is there some cunning way to reset the subdivision so it takes on the shape of the mesh instead of remembering the rotation/movement of the verticies that may cause it to do this?

The subdivided verticies seem to be drawn to the line between to real verticies and if you look closely they are actually stuck right too it. Is there a way to make them move back to where they should be?