Slim sniper


This is my new work - a comic-style poster. I need some suggestion before final stage of postprocesing.

Does it look like “warning” poster? What do you think?


It looks awesome, but the butt of the rifle is floating above his fingers a bit, so you may want to lower it. No idea what you mean about ‘warning’, but I like the concept.

Nice render- the shading and textures are very good. It doesn’t make me think of a warning poster though- just of a good render.

Looking very good!

Some crits (you posted in focused critique):

  • the holes in the pelvic look strange, did you overtake these from a real medicine skeleton model?
  • the skeleton and the rifle are on the same “layer”, e.g. there is no clear fore- and background… maybe you can change this by giving the scene more light and shadows… this would probably better the whole image

just my opinion…