Slime Material

I have a 2D slime girl character that I’d like to adapt into a 3D model, and I’m trying to make a material for her skin. I would like it to look something along the lines of the images at this link. There’s also some 2D images of my character for reference:

-In particular, I’d like there to be a little gap on the edge to the silhouette where it looks much less opaque.
-I’d also like to have little bubbles visible within the body, so the translucency would reach about the center of her body, but not have the background show through.
-I’d also like to maintain the cartoony look and not have it be too specular, but I think I can achieve that with subsurface scattering

So I know that’s a lot of stipulations, but I would really appreciate any input you all have on how to get something close to this effect. Thank you in advance if you take the time to help

Here’s what I got just from half an hour of messing around.

Here’s the blend file: Slime Material.blend (936.8 KB)


Take a look at the answer in this post - might help

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