Slow Animated Hair

i’m trying to animate the hair of my model using soft bodies, and for some reason it’s baking INCREDIBLY slowly. i’ve tried using all the same settings on a standard cube in a different file, but it runs allot faster then. here’s the link to the blend: i can post a pic you you insist, but i’m only posting quickly so i haven’t yet.

thanks in advance

steal my animation, and you shall die!

Try baking in 2.46 if possible. I’ve found that baking both SB & Cloth sims in 2.48 (and I assume higher versions) is, as you say, incredibly slow. 2.46 runs them much faster.

i’ll try that but i think it may have something to do with the fact that my character is animated. do you think that might be it?

Can’t say for sure without looking at the .blend, which I can’t do right now, but that’s made no difference so far for me. I’ve been using 2.48 for everything but the cloth & hair sims lately, and my character has lots of vigorous action, but I have to bake the sims in 2.46 if I want it done this century.