Slow Cam view

Somehow my camera view is extremely slow.

My laptop can handle a just 150K vertices scene in solid mode, but in wire mode / using layers it works quite well. A setup of 3 uv-spheres rolling down through a wall of 30 bricks (total was about 3000 faces) went ok as well.
But whenever I’m in camera mode, everything goes sooo slow :eek:
Could anyone help me? It’s very difficult to position the camera like this…

Thanks in advance!


(Inspiron 1521 Laptop, 2x 1.8 Ghz, 2 GB Ram, Windows Vista, Ati Radeon 1270 Express, up to 700 MB Shared)

I’m not sure why this would be the case. Try using another object (such as a lamp) as the camera and see if you get the same result. Select your lamp and press CTRL+NUMPAD 0.

If not, try disabling things like Mist and PassePartout in the camera’s properties.

Nothing worked, but thanks for the tips.
(And I’ve learned that objects other than cams can be cams as well :D)

After a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

Using another object as cam didn’t work either.

Some more info: Whether I try to position it in a 100K scene or the default scene with only the cube, the speed is the same… So I don’t think it’s got to do with the vertices…

Someone knows something usefull? :slight_smile:

Try using the outliner to “ignore” some things from veiw. Just take the things that you can use as refrences to where the things you have ignored are.

The only difference (that I can tell) between camera view and any other is the drawing of 2d elements to show view boundaries and such. If that’s what is causing the slowdown, then it’s a driver problem.

Try zooming your view in (mouse wheel) past the point where the camera lines are drawn on screen. If the speed is normal when zoomed in, you might have driver problems and will need to upgrade to the latest version for your video card.