Slow Curve Following

How do i make a object follow a curve slower?
no matter how long my curve is, the object always needs 100 frames to come to the end of the curve

The default curve “speed” is set at 100 frames . If you want to change it do the following :

  1. Select the path/curve
  2. Open up an IPO window and change the IPO type to “Path”, there you will see the Speed IPO for the curve
  3. Hit N to bring up the Transform Properties subwindow and change the Xmax value from 100 to whatever you want/need

hm, no curve there
and transform properties just “Add Drive”

add: ah found a way “Curve and Surface” in Edit Buttons “Path Len”

Yep, PathLen is an “automatic” speed curve that Blender creates for you.

But you can override this in the IPO window as Vertex Pusher describes. The advantage of overriding the PathLen and creating your own speed curve is if you want to control the tangent types on your curve. The default PathLen uses easing at the start and end of your curve, so is gradually starts and then slows down at the end. You may not want that. Also, a custom speed curve allows you to stop an object on a path, then continue it or make it go backwards along the same path.

I think Vertex Pusher missed a step. There is no path speed curve initially, you have to add it - Ctl left mouse click to add points.

Yep, you have to lay down two points by CTRL-Clicking in the IPO window. You may also have to highlight the word “Speed” before you begin clicking.

I guess I should have mentioned that I used a curve path which comes with a default speed curve .