Slow Edge Loop Select (how to speed up?)

hi all,

when I try to Select Edge loops working with dense meshes (1-2 millions polys), I experience huge drop in performance. Blender may freeze for a long time with 100% of CPU load (one of the cores).

Does anyone know a workaround ?

What kind of graphics card do you have?

A workaround would be to hide the parts of the model you are not working on.

I have nvidia 9600gt on one PC and very old nvidia fx 5700 on the other. But both PCs are significatly slow when I do Edge loop selects on dence meshes. I doubt upgrading graphic card may help…

I’ve just experimented with relatively small 0.5M polys mesh and unfortunately hiding doesn’t speed up Edge loop select operation. In both cases Blender needed ~30 seconds to select edge loop. I have intel Q9550 working at 3.2Ghz (quite fast box) and nvidia 9600gt card.

But yes, hiding not needed vertices helped to overally speed up my work in Edit mode. Thanks a lot!