Slow Motion (Cycles)

Hi everyone,

found out that there is a GREAT time-remapping addon for Blender which “automates” the time-change and makes the propper frame-count to handle slow-motion or fast-forward (and even a reverse-time!) but … using this addon anyone has to render the anim on own computer because the addon uses the sub-frames so there is NO-WAY to save the result into the .blend file and render it on some renderfarm.

My question is … have we some way to make a slow motion for the part of an anim somehow easy? Sorry if there is already some solution but I tried to search on forums and also google and found nothing easy. Yep, found that resizing thick in a dope-sheet but thats NOT what I need because it affects also camera and in fact when rendering physics there si a huge amount of object (rigid bodies for example) to take care of.

For being precise I wanna acheve FX like this (no need for reverse motion):

 Sincerely, Jan

I guess you could set up your whole scene to play out normally and just speed up the camera movement for the part that you want to show in slow motion, then render it to still frames and play around with time remapping in the video editor to slow down that sequence where the camera is moving too fast? You’d need to render at a fairly high frame rate to keep it looking smooth.

Hi mate,

yep, its a posibility like many others but … there is not a simple solution to do such a thing? Found out that the TimeRemapping values (default ones in Blender I mean) could NOT be animated but the addon mentioned handles a job just fine.

Maybe someone with the python experience could make it exports a .blend file?

This is the addon file:

…but I dunno how to contact Garrett Reynolds to tell him my needs.

 Sincerely, Jan

Noone knows how to solve the SlowMotion???