Slow motion fluid?

Is it possible to do slow motion fluid with Blender?

Definitely. Here’s an old example of mine


“Start Time” and “End Time” are expressed in simulation time (seconds):
If you set Start time to 3.0, and End time to 4.0, you will simulate 1 second of fluid motion. That one second of fluid motion will be spread across however-many frames are set in your End setting in the Anim panel.
This means, for example, that if you have Blender set to make 250 frames at 25 fps (Scene context → Render sub-context → Anim and Output panels), the fluid will look like it had already been flowing for 3 seconds at the start of the simulation, but will play in slow motion (one-tenth normal speed), since the 1 second fluid sim plays out over the course of 10 video seconds. To correct this, change the end time to 3.0 + 10.0 = 13.0 to match the 250 frames at 25 fps. Now, the simulation will be real-time, since you set 10 seconds of fluid motion to simulate over 10 seconds of animation. Having these controls in effect gives you a “speed control” over the simulation.

Lower the frame rate, change the fluid type to something thicker, or open it in a movie editor and make it slower.

To have a smooth slow motion fluid simulation don’t do this, adjust the fluid simulation time settings.