Slow motion or something else?

Hello friends,

I have a website and i wanna try to add a background loop video (earth orbiting its own axis). I did that animation in blender but i am having some problems about the orbiting speed of earth. Tried different ways to slow it down. such as making animation with low number of frames and slow it down using adobe premiere. didn’t wok. animated with high fps and convert to video low fps. didn’t work. The speed that I want, I only acquired high number of frames. like close to 2000 frames. but with that my rendering time increase too much. How to manage that with low rendering time. How to reduce time?

Thank you in advanced.

Looks like you need something like Twixtor ( ) which anticipates the motion between the frames you rendered out of blender… thats the only way to get a smooth slowmo without rendering all the frames you need… still “fake” though…

I will check it out. Thanks for your reply.

Well it has to spin all the way around. Theres really no way to get around that.

Maybe try using blend 4 web. (Mess with their logo its actually 3D :P)

Buraya bak:

It sounds to me, that you just have to decide how long one planet full rotation takes. If you want it to take eg. 10s, then you have to animate the rotation of 360 degrees to take 10 x frame_rate. Perhaps 10 x 25 = 250 frames. If you want it even slower, then just increment the time.

So the number of frames will be very high if I want it to be very slow. there is simply no way around then to the my understanding. The other solution you proposing simply do animation look corrupted. not good. thanks friends for your helps. I appreciated.

For something like a planet in space, you could probably get away with baking most of the materials to an image and using a very, very simple shading model to allow for very quick render times (you might even be able to do it in near-real-time if you use BI or Cycles to bake out the stuff that takes a long time to render), but that could take a fair bit of experimentation to get right.

Also keep in mind that if you are going to deploy this animation to a website, 2000 frames might be impractical. It depends on the bandwidth requirements, but it’s something to think about.

Thats why I suggested blend 4 web.